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Express BASIC Express BASIC is a minimal BASIC dialect with an open source and cross platform intrerpreter written in C. The language is inspired by Dartmouth, Palo Alto, Altair, GW BASIC, and the many dialects of Tiny BASIC.
Craft Basic Craft Basic is a BASIC interpreter for Windows 95 and up. Learn programming, make simple games, write code interactively, perform complex calculations, display cool graphics, build windows with forms, write useful scripts, and more...
Commando Basic Are you ready to start developing applications? Commando Basic is designed to be easy for anyone to learn. It's simple, but also powerful enough to handle serious tasks. With time and practice, you can become a Code Commando.
FTC BASIC FTC BASIC means fast tiny compiled BASIC. It is a BASIC compiler for x86 DOS. The compiler is written in QuickBasic and generates FASM output. Using batch files, you may compile your source to com files instantly. Generated com files are tiny and fast. They start at less than 50 bytes.

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